Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cátedra UPM-CESEDEN Award to the best scientific paper

The commitee has decided to award our paper because it presents a novel technology that will have an impact on the future of defense and security. This paper was the result of months of teamwork, starting from the multi-robot missions performed in Luxembourg in 2016 and finishing at the experiments with operators developed in Spain in 2017. Therefore, I would like to say "thanks" to my colleagues who participated in this work and "congratulations" to Elena because she contributed as much as me to this success.

Here you can see the paper:

J.J. Roldán, E. Peña-Tapia, A. Martín-Barrio, M.A. Olivares-Méndez, J. del Cerro and A. Barrientos. “Multi-Robot Interfaces and Operator Situational Awareness: Study of the Impact of Immersion and Prediction”. Sensors, 17(8), 1720. 2017. Impact Factor (2016): 2.677. Article

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