Robotics and Mechanization in Greenhouse Horticulture
Class: Multi-Robot Systems applied to Greenhouse Farming (2 hours)
MSc in Horticultural Production Systems and Products
Agrocampus Ouest (Angers, France)

Robotics, Computer Vision and Planning
ROS, Computer Vision, OpenCV, Planning, MoveIt!, Neural Networks and Tensorflow (30 hours)
Course for the engineers of FIDAMC
Foundation for the research development and application of composite materials (Getafe, Spain)


Robotics Practice Classes (30 hours)
BSc in Industrial Technology Engineering
Technical University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

Trends in Robotics 
Class: Immersive Technologies in Robotics (4 hours)
MSc in Automation and Robotics
Technical University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

Development of Virtual Reality Applications
Virtual Reality, Unity, HTC Vive and Practice (12 hours)
Open course for BSc and MSc students 
Technical University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

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