Friday, January 12, 2018

Simposio de Innovación Docente en Automática

I have attended to the Simposio de Innovación Docente en Automática (Symposium of Teaching Innovation in Automation) organized by the Comité Español de Automática (Spanish Automation Committee) in León (Spain) the January 10-12, 2018. In this event, I have seen the latest trends about inverted classrooms and remote laboratories, I have presented our work about a training system for industrial operators in assembly tasks, and I have visited the cathedral of León and a wind generator factory!

E. Crespo, J.J. Roldán, A. Martín-Barrio, J. del Cerro and A. Barrientos. “Virtual reality and process mining applied to operator training in complex assembly tasks”. IV Seminario de Innovación Docente en Automática (CEA-IFAC). León, January 10-12, 2018. Article     

One of the proposals of Industry 4.0 is the integration of machines and operators through network connections and information management. One of the challenges that can be addressed following this approach is the management of knowledge in the industry or, in other words, the transmission of knowledge from the expert operators to the new ones. This work has been developed a system that combines Virtual Reality and Process Mining to allow this knowledge transmission in the particular case of assembly tasks. Virtual Reality allows to create work environments that reproduce the real ones and interact with them without detracting resources of other processes or facing the risks of working with real systems. Process Mining allows to acquire the knowledge of experts, store it in models and then transmit it to novices. The developed system has been tested by means of several examples of assemblies with Lego.

This research line is under development and there will be news in the next months!

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